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Anxiety Cheatsheet
with PLR Rights

This High Quality, CUSTOM Researched Cheatsheet
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Anxiety is a huge issue facing people today. And it's difficult to cope with.

With several hours of research, we put together this cheatsheet to help both the anxiety sufferer, but also the family members and friends to understand the issues faced, and how to cope with this mental disease.

This cheatsheet was NOT just "grabbed" by the typical cheatsheet generator approach. We personally reviewed every link, every video, and chose the best of the best. There are 23 resources and 5 videos included. (Obviously I've blurred out the content below but the actual file is fine)

You can add your own links to it if you wish (you should know some html to do that) - or simply pay someone on Fiverr $5 to edit/add your custom links to it.

Here are your rights:

  • You can add this to your website as content, change it or do whatever you want with it.
  • Unchanged, you can sell this cheatsheet to others (WITH READ ONLY rights). (If you change it a lot, then you can do whatever you want).

Please do NOT add it to shared sites like blackhat etc.

Please do NOT include my name anywhere on the documents or sales pages.

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Anxiety Cheatsheet with PLR Rights

Amber Jalink

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