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Journal Templates 2.0!

Rapidly Create BULLET Journals
In Minutes With These Exciting New Royalty Free Templates
So You Can Publish And Profit Faster!

Just Released: June 9, 2017

Warning: This special offer is directed to those who understand the concepts of creating and publishing journals and low or no content books, and want to ramp up their profits.

Are you creating and selling journals or low or no-content books on Amazon, Etsy (or elsewhere), but struggle with getting the design ideas in place?

If you aren't already selling journals and low content books, you might be aware of the hot demand these have right now, but you just don't know where to begin for designing them. Perhaps you don't have the knowledge... desire, or time.

Let's face it - designing the layouts takes time, even more so than what you want to put for headings or prompts.​

Today is your lucky day, because I've made it absolutely easy for you.

You can now get access to 5 Royalty Free Brand New Bullet Journal Templates so you can create as many as you want and sell them on Etsy, Amazon or wherever!

These templates were created to help you:

  • Simply and easily create your journals without the fight of figuring out a design
  • Spur ideas with the layout styles (Hint: easily create bullet journals, daily logs, etc)
  • Cut your design time to a minimum so you can publish your books at an almost break-neck speed​

Your templates come in Microsoft Publisher format.

And if you do not Publisher, you can edit them with OpenOffice or LibreOffice.  Both are free programs, so they cost you nothing if you don't have Microsoft Office.  (Note: We don't provide support for those simply because we do not use them, but as I understand it they are just as easy and powerful).

But what do the templates look like?
Here are the 5 styles you can access immediately:

(Note they are not obviously super clear because they are screenshots, however they are very professional and give you lots of ways you can use them)

Each template is set to the standard 8"x10" paper, however it can be easily adjusted to whatever size you prefer. (And yes, even without adjustments it will fit fine on a regular piece of paper).

There are so many ideas that you could create here - and it can go beyond just regular journals. Think of "out of the box" ideas such as affiliate tracking journals, or affiliate bullet journals, motivational logs, pet diaries, to do lists, and so much more.

So how do you get your hands on these? It's easy!

Simply submit your payment below for instant access.

Just a few remarks and reminders:

You are granted Personal Use Rights.

That means:

  • You can create endless journals/books for yourself! (I do this all the time!)
  • MODIFY the journals / books and sell them on CreateSpace/Amazon, Etsy, or any other marketplace you wish. There are NO limits to how many you can create and sell! ** You MUST modify them to put them up for sale. You can NOT leave them "as is"**
  • Yes you can give the changed  journals/books away as you please (i.e., gifts, bonuses etc).
  • YES You can sell the *Completed* journal/book that you have designed even as a digital PDF (but NOT the Publisher file).

Of course there are some restrictions:

Warning: We actively fight DMCA abuse.

You MUST NOT give away these templates anywhere outside of your business. That means,

    • you must NOT post them on blackhat sites or file sharing sites
    • you MUST NOT give the templates away as bonuses or 'freebies'
    • You must NOT sell these base templates in any way.
    • You MUST NOT create "fiverr gigs" or any similar service to create and sell these for others.

    Just think of how many interesting journals and low-content books you could create with these templates - and how quickly!

    If you have the ideas in mind, it's literally just a matter of entering the text, saving the file and publishing wherever you want!

    You could easily make (at least) 2 journals per hour. If you set aside just 1 hour a night for a month, that would give you 60 journals up for sale in record time!  And if you set more time aside OR know exactly what you want to publish and can go faster, then those numbers could absolutely be higher.

    Why am I saying about 30 minutes to create them when the template is supplied? It absolutely shouldn't take that long to create... but you obviously need to create your covers, any inside instructions, etc. So I'm accounting for a half hour for the completed product.

    Now obviously I cannot promise how much you'll make from these, this is entirely up to you to implement and create your own products, and put them up for sale.

    But with these templates, I've made it very simple for you to create and publish, without the hassle of design.

    So are you in? Great! I've kept it extremely affordable, but be aware that the price WILL rise, and it is set to do so every few sales so get it at the lowest price you see.

    Are there any upsells or downsells?

    There is one special offer (NO downsells), it's inexpensive and complimentary but absolutely NOT required.

    So are you in? GREAT!

    I've kept it EXTREMELY affordable... but be aware that I will NOT be keeping this open for long. I have a restricted number available for sale, and once they're gone, they're gone. 

    So get it NOW while it's still available:
    (If the buy button is gone, sorry you missed it!)

    Journal Templates 2.0 PLR

    Once you complete payment, make sure you allow it to return you to the system for both the special offer, AND your access.

    To your success,

    Amber Jalink

    PS - While I have a limited number I'm willing to sell, I reserve the right to close it any time to lock it exclusively into our Vault for our Vault Members only - so don't wait.