Unlock the Secret to Effortless Etsy & Amazon Profits with AI

Discover a fun printable type product you can create using AI that has very LOW competition but is in HIGH demand

Imagine transforming a piece of content you created in just a few minutes with AI, and converting it into life-altering income streams.

I know, you're probably thinking, "oh no, not another AI method".

Let's face it - AI isn't going anywhere, and like it or not, you can absolutely use it to create fun products (that used to take far longer.)

Today you're going to learn a simple yet powerful product used by savvy online entrepreneurs to earn from $604 to $1976.40 in less than three months, with the potential of reaching over $4,000 per month. This ingenious creation is not limited to Etsy; it's also a hit on Amazon!

And it's simple enough that anyone can do.

What's funny is, a lot of people don't even think of these, even though it's a popular thing that teachers use often (especially in younger grades).
(To be honest, it's one you might slap your head at - it's not crazy out there, it's a fantastic learning tool that can also be turned into a game).

Even better, you can add this to your product lines either on Etsy OR Amazon!

Look, we all know that it takes multiple products to make long term money right?

What if you had products that were
CONSISTENTLY selling, each and every week?

What if these products made you anywhere from $604... to $1,023.96... to $1213.08... to $1,737.11 and even $1,976.40?

Most of these numbers are
within 3-4 months on Etsy...

And on Amazon, these are selling at a rate of 400-500 a month, with royalty profits above $3-4000+ a month.

AND they are on the UPSWING right now
with people getting ready for back to school.

Of course there are much higher numbers, 
but quite honestly, I want to be real with you.

Here are just a couple of real life examples:

Example bestseller #1 Etsy: 84 sales in the past 7 days, $1.58 each (on sale), 2600+ total sold.

Example bestseller #2 Etsy: 34 sales in the past 7 days, $2.85 each (on sale), 1010+ total sold.

Example bestseller #1 Amazon: 400+ bought in the past month, $24.99 (on sale), over 1881 reviews. 

Example bestseller #2 Amazon: 500+ bought in the past month, $19.97, over 2384 reviews.

I could easily brag about the ones that have made over $29,580 in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS using this fun strategy.

But again,
I really want to be realistic. 

The fact is, I don't know you, or the effort you will put into this, so I cannot and do not guarantee how much you will (or won't) make. It's entirely up to you. BUT with this information, you'll have a jumpstart on it.

Here's what is important:

Search out Journals, printables etc., and you get over 1 million and 5 million results respectively.

Search out THIS term... and there are
ONLY 32,789 results (including ads) that came up for me on Etsy (and in a private browser, so my results were not skewed).

And while these numbers might sound high on Etsy, really they are only a few sellers, NOT thousands upon thousands doing this.

But what about Amazon's results?

When I searched on Amazon with my base keywords, it was over 1,000 results (and it wasn't as accurate).

When I changed my keywords just slightly? ONLY 672 results!!

When I added another keyword that was in the suggestions (education), it came back with ONLY 449 results!

WOW. There are SO many possibilities!

Did you know there are OVER 40,500 MONTHLY searches for this product on Google alone??

Now... ONE product won't likely make you a "huge" amount of money in one shot...

But this is why I mentioned earlier, that you want to have multiple streams of income coming in regularly... which is why you probably already have multiple products on Etsy and InspiredFun and Amazon.

So if you want to have a little fun with math...

Let's say you had 5 of these mini products working for you...

And let's say that your average "yearly" income from each one is $1,500 based on the median of the ones I researched. (And that's a low number actually).

If you had 5 of these, that's $7,500 a year.  (Remember, MANY of these were actually over 3-4 months, not a full year).

But what if you had more of these? What if you created 25 of these?  That now translates to over $37,500.

What if you had 50?  Now you would have $75,000 in potential income for the year.

Guess what? It doesn't even have to stop there.

And of course, being realistic, NOT every one will sell like that - some will do far more, and some will do far less, but that's why I gave those numbers, as an AVERAGE.

(And again - I do not guarantee any incomes, that is against the law. I'm simply showing you real potential of people already earning with this.)

But I'm sure you're wondering, how long does it take to create these, and how difficult is it?

Well the fact is, you can create these quite quickly, in fact in about an hour for each one from start to finish. (Once I had my images, it took me 10 minutes to finish it, the image creation took the longest time).

Is 1 hour of your time worth $1500? I'd say so.

And YES you can use AI for these! (In fact, I highly suggest it to make each one unique). You can even outsource it if you want to.

These are DIGITAL products - you don't even have to have them printed! Let your customer download and print themselves. (= more profit for you!)

And YES that can work on Amazon as well.

But are we just going to "tell" you what it is, and leave you hanging?


We were going to have this as an add on, but
at the last minute decided we wanted to boost your earnings potential faster, and we've included a lot of the "how" as well!

Therefore, as an ADDED BONUS, you ALSO get videos that include training on:

  • Product research 

  • PLUS creating these with Midjourney

  • PLUS creating with Canva

  • BONUS video - creating extras to make these sell faster so you can differentiate yourself from the market, and increase your sales.

You've probably already realized that this is the perfect little money maker for you, because you can replicate in SO many ways to have multiple products working for you.

So, are you ready to unlock your earning potential?

Transform your online store and increase your profits with this unique, AI-assisted product.  

Purchase below, and then click on your "Access purchase" link from your receipt at Warriorplus, and get started today!

Important - in an effort to prevent fraud, you MAY be asked to enter your billing address. We do not hold it or use it for any other purpose except to process your orders, and this is entirely handled by the payment processor, we do not see it.


How quickly will I get access?
Immediately. Once you have completed your payment, you will be taken to your warriorplus purchase receipt, and you simply have to click on the "Access purchase" button.

Does this involve PLR?
No, it does not, although you could use it if you really wanted to, but that's not what we're talking about here.

If I'm not happy, can I get a refund?

We are passionate about empowering individuals who are seriously dedicated to generating income online. We emphasize that this is a verified online business model with great potential. Therefore, due to the nature of the content, we're unable to provide refunds or money-back guarantees. By purchasing, you agree to this. If you do not agree, please do not purchase.

Are there any upsells?
There are technically two: one is an "add on" which you will see on the checkout page, and one upsell after your purchase. It is NOT required, it is simply an "enhanced speed package" to help you get going even faster.

For Your Success,

Amber Jalink & Rob Borsuk,

Amber Jalink,
DIME Consultants Inc.

Rob Borsuk
Puzzle Publishers

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